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Clinical Trial and Research Unit (CTRU)

The Research Committee was created under Special Order No. 42, s.1990 due to the need of the Institute of an advisory group who will conduct as well as supervise all research trials and exploratory studies. Since then, the Committee has been continuously re-organized in order to have a great number of commendable research output.

Under Special Order No. 206, s.2006 the members of the Research Committee were changed and creation of Technical Review Board (TRB) and Ethics Review Board (ERB). The said Review Boards are composed of competent, highly respected staff in the field of research. This is to ensure quality researches in this Institute.

Special Order No. 253, s.2008 designated additional members of the NKTI Research Committee.

In Special Order No.131, s.2009, the name of Research Committee was changed to Clinical Trial and Research Unit (CTRU) and there was re-organization of the unit composed of 1) Administrative Services, 2) Institutional Review Board (IRB) which was divided into Technical Review Board (TRB), Research Ethics Committee (REC) and Research Adverse Events Committee (RAEC), 3) Research Dissemination Committee, and 4) Research Capacity Building Committee. Research Coordinators from each department were also designated.

Special Order No.33, s.2013, revision of CTRU organizational chart and re-organization of the IRB membership.