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Radiological Sciences

The NKTI-Department of Radiological Sciences is committed to provide excellent medical imaging and perform interventional procedures with timely and accurate diagnosis with the least economic impact to its patients.  Combined with the highest level of training and research in the field of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology for genito-urinary, vascular diseases and organ transplantation and the acquisition of the latest advances in technology, medical knowledge, skills and techniques makes the Department as one of the premier radiology centers in the country today.

The Department of Radiological Sciences is located at the NKTI Diagnostic Center which is a state of the art facility that houses all the cutting edge-technology in today’s modern medical imaging.  It is the living “proof of concept” that the government can actually be at par with the private sector in terms of equipment and services, providing access to quality healthcare for all walks of life.  As a commitment in providing the best possible care to its patients, the NKTI has acquired the latest innovations in medical imaging technology in order to support the thrust of the Department of Health in providing “universal healthcare” for the Filipino people..