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Nutrition & Dietetics Division

The Nutrition and Dietetics Division is one of the support Divisions of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute under the administration of the Ancillary Services Department. General objective of the Nutrition and Dietetics Division is to produce and serve nutritious, palatable and suitable foods to patients, employees and guests in the most sanitary and effective manner and within the financial resources and existing policies of NKTI.

On top of the traditional services of a typical nutrition and dietetics unit in a hospital, NDD explores and implements an in-depth and wholistic approach in patient care management and education. Also, the provision of dietary instructions to patients is one of the essential activities. The serving of meals to patients, doctors, employees and guests of various occasions like government officials’ meetings, scientific conferences, convention.

Pursuit to professionalize its services is the focal point of the entire nutrition management approach. This extends from food development, clinical nutrition research up to the intensification of nutrition promotion and education programs. This also include the staff and personnel work enhancement.

The Division holds true the definition that says “Nutrition is the Science of food in relation to health.”

It is organized in 3 Service Sections:

  • Food Production, Service and Supply Section
  • Therapeutic/Clinical Section
  • Education, Training and Research Section.

Specified function of the section:

Food Production, Service and Supply Section


This section takes charge of the over-all menu planning food preparation and production of meals and food orders served to hospital patients, employees and guests. It is also responsible in the food quality and food cost control management of the supplies and services including equipment requirement and maintenance system of the Division.

Therapeutic/Clinical Section


The Section handles the patients and clinical care aspects of the Division. It assesses the nutritional needs of the patients, gives dietary instruction and implements the nutritional care plan for the patients and clients. Together with the Education, Training and Research Section, it coordinates with the medical doctors, nurses and social welfare service divisions concerning patient care, research and training.

Education Training and Research Section

The Education Training Section manages the in-service training of all Nutrition and Dietetics Division employees. It handles the dietetics training program of the doctors, nurses and other paramedical personnel and nutrition student affiliates, conducts and coordinates researches of the Division. Together with the Therapeutic Section it takes charge of the Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Clinic.