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Nursing Services Department

Imbued with compassion, professionalism and excellence, we shall be the role model in the entire nursing profession and its allied health care services, globally recognized in the delivery of effective and efficient quality care to everyone we serve.


We are dedicated to serve and share our expertise to everyone with integrity and with partiality to none.

Quality Objectives



    Provide individualized quality patient care using the nursing process to meet patient care needs from admission to home management.


    Establish a continual program in quality training and education to provide the staff with the cutting edge knowledge, skills and values to effectively and efficiently care and interact with the patients.


    Review, evaluate and revise processes and practices, to achieve best outcomes.


    Develop and implement research-based strategies on identified patient care needs and job performance needs.


    To provide competent, responsible, and accountable leadership aimed at developing and sustaining a creative and positive culture and milieu for professional nurses and support staff.

Core Values

  • Competence & Compassion
  • Timeliness
  •  Accountability
  • Empowerment
  • Respect & Integrity
  • Innovation