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Kidney/Pancreas Transplant

Organ transplantation is an accepted life saving therapy for patient with end stage organ diseases. To date, in many countries, almost all vital organs can be successfully transplanted: kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, lungs, and small bowels.

The Department of Organ Transplantation of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute is dedicated and grounded in a patient-centered philosophy in helping patients with end stage renal diseases and other end stage organ failures through transplantation.

The department was first established in 1983, and has pioneered kidney, liver, kidney-pancreas transplantation in the country. Almost 2500 transplant (living related, non-living related and cadaver donors) to date were performed and still counting; undoubtedly the center for transplantation in the country.

Aside from the foregoing activities in transplantation, the department actively participates in various advocacy programs of the Institute, in promoting organ donation. Hand in hand with Human Organ Preservation Effort (HOPE) and Renal Disease Control Program (REDCOP), the department assists to increase the public awareness in organ donation and the acceptance of organ transplantation as a therapeutic modality in all key cities and provinces in the country.

Our transplant team is multidisciplinary composed of surgeons, physicians, transplant coordinators, psychologists, neurologists, social workers, chaplains and others.