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Hospital & Medical Leadership

Jose Dante P. Dator, M. D., FPUA
Executive Director
981-0300 loc 1001, 1002, 1160

Zenaida L. Antonio, M.D., FPPS, FPSN
Deputy Executive Director for Administrative Services
981-0300 loc 1011

Joselito R. Chavez, M.D., FPCP, FPCCP, FACCP
Deputy Executive Director for Medical Services
981-0300 loc 1005

Romina A. Danguilan, M.D., FPCP, FPSN
Deputy Director for Medical Education
981-0300 loc 4426, 4428

Nerissa M. Gerial, RN, MHA, FPCHA
Deputy Director for Nursing Services
981-0300 loc 3102, 3103


I. Medical Services  
Dr. Ernesto R. Que Dr. Lorna L. Simangan
Chairman, Internal Medicine,
Chairperson, Out-Patient Services
1122, 1123
Dr. Romina A. Danguilan Dr. Joseph Michael A. Jaro
Chairperson, Department of Adult Nephrology
Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine
2436, 2432
Dr. Ofelia R. De Leon Dr. Joselito P. Chico
Chairperson, Department of Pediatric Nephrology
Chief, Pulmonary Medicine Section
2126, 2127
Dr. Teresa A. Barzaga Dr. Marita B. Dantes
Chairperson, Hematology and Stem Cell
Chief, Neurophysiology Section
2124, 2125
Dr. Angelo O. Martinez Dr. Maria Rowena L. Javier
Chief, Nuclear Medicine
1401, 1402
Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Section
Dr. Luis V. Limchiu, Jr. Dr. Romina A. Danguilan
Chief, Emergency Room Unit
1430, 1431
Head, Dialysis Center
Dr. Enrico P. Ragaza
Chairman, Department of General Surgery 
Dr. Emmanuel V. Lenon
Head, Department of Urology
Dr. Jaime G. Velasquez
Chairman, Department of Anesthesia
Dr. Benito VC Purugganan, Jr.
Chairman, Department of Organ Transplantation
Dr. Ricardo Jose DT Quintos II
Chief, Vascular Surgery Section
2155, 2156
Dr. Januario Antonio D. Veloso
Chairman, Department of Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Florecita R. Padua
Chief, Immunology Division
Romeo B. Dy, R.M.T.
Chief Medical Technologist,
Department of Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Ferdinand L. Morabe
Head, Diagnostic Center
2409, 2410
Dr. Rosanna E. Fragante
Chief, CT Scan/Training Officer
2409, 2410
Dr. Gerardo M. Silva
Executive Officer/Chief, Ultrasonography
2409, 2410
Dr. Ferdinand L. Morabe
Chief, Diagnostic and Interventional
2409, 2410
II. Finance and Administrative Services Department

Ms. Maribel U. Estrella
OIC, Finance and Administrative Services Department
Ms. Victoria V. Elias Ms. Marichu C. Escober
OIC, Accounting Division
1138, 1137
Chief, Property Division
1081, 1084
Ms. Leticia R. Doblado Ms. Christina DL. Barcena
Chief, Human Resource Management Division
OIC,  Patient Business Services Division
1016, 1007
Ms. Violeta G. Estrella Dr. Genlinus D. Yusi
Chief, Budget Division
1038, 1039

Chief Information Officer
Information Resource Management Division
3450, 3483
Dr. Ricardo Jose DT. Quintos II Rev. Fr. Tex Rico V. Buntol, MI
Head, Public Information Office
1008, 1014
Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
Ms. Fortunata A. Agumbay Atty. Jordan Meraña
Head, Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Secretariat
1156, 1157
Head, Business Records Unit
III. Ancillary Services Department  
Mr. Antonio P. Reyes, MGM
Department Manager
Ms. Salvacion G. Munda
OIC, Pharmacy Division
1074, 1075
Ms. Socorro T. Balderamos
OIC, Nutrition and Dietetics Division
1071, 1072
Ms. Leonides L. Basada
OIC, Medical Social Services Division
1078, 1080
Ms. Josephine U. Hubilla
OIC, Medical Records and Library Division
2129, 2130
Engr. Elecio L. Tribunalo  
Chief, General Services Division  
1096, 1097  
Ms. Josephine E. Villalon
Building Administrator
1094, 1139
Ms. Josefina C. Sampang
OIC, Housekeeping and Linen Section
1092, 1093
IV. Management Services Office  
Dr. Zenaida L. Antonio, FPPS, FPSN
Total Quality Management Representative
Ms. Mercedita V. Jocson
Deputy Quality Management Representative
Ms. Raquel G. Magtalas, CPA  
Head, Internal Audit Services  
Ms. Sarah L. Ruiz
DCO-ISO, Document Control Officer
1158, 1159
V. Nursing Services Department  
Ms. Nerissa M. Gerial, RN, MHA, FPCHA
Deputy Director for Nursing Services
3102, 3103
Ms. Glecita S. Erni
Chief, Clinical & Public Nursing Division
Ms. Helen R. Malata
Chief, Critical Division
VI. Renal Disease Control Program (REDCOP)
Dr. Susan Jorge
Program Manager
3112, 3111
VII. Human Organ Preservation Effort (HOPE)
Dr. Eduardo L. Rivera